Food Relief box


You can donate a Food Relief Box to an Umma Afrika beneficiary! 

Each sachet provides an Adult a meal a day for 7 days! It can be taken as a porridge or shake and already contains milk, so you just add water.

Feel free to read more about our beneficiaries here.     

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Relief and Melsi Immuno Food Box

The box provides the following meal servings:
• 140 x Carbohydrate servings.
• 45 protein servings.
• 25 servings of soup.
• The box also contains 26 cups of tea, soap and toilet paper.
• All the Melsi branded items in this box are all fortified with 20 – 23 vitamins and minerals.

Box Contents:

2 x 2.5kg Maize Meal
1 x 1kg Samp
1 x 500g Sugar Beans
1 x 1kg Rice
1 x 200g Melsi Soya Mince Beef
1 x 200g Melsi Soya Mince Chicken
1 x 500g Melsi Soup Powder Beef & Veg
1 x 500g Mesli Vita-drink (orange)
1 x 500g Melsi Immuno-meal
1 x 400g Pilchards (in Tomato)
1 x 500g Sugar
1 x 500ml Cooking Oil
1 x Tea Bags 26's
1 x 250g Tea Creamer Powder
2 x Toilet Rolls
1 x 100g Bath Soap
Net mass of food box: 11.3kg

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