Melsi Immuno-meal box - Bundle of 10 boxes


Order Immuno Meal Boxes and choose the destination!  This option will allow you to choose a delivery address and send a minimum of 10 Immuno Meal Boxes to the nominated address. 

See more info for the contents of one Immuno Meal Box.

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 Product facts:

• Each 500g sachet provides between 7 -10 balanced meals (balance of carbohydrates, proteins, and vitamins).
• Each sachet will provide 1 meal a day for a week for a single adult.
• Melsi Immuno-meal contains 20 vitamins and minerals and omega acids, as well as fiber, calcium, and protein.
• A 70g serving provides 70% of the Nutritional Recommended Daily Value of these 20 vitamins and minerals.
• Melsi Immuno-meal is enjoyed by many thousands of children and adults every day around Southern Africa for more than 10 years.
• Manufactured and packed under the strictest food safety conditions.
• See nutritional specifications here.

Box Contents:

• Melsi Immunomeal Instant Porridge sachets
(500g x 4) x 5 = 20 sachets
Net Mass of food box 10kg

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